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ACTIA PCs' team includes experts, engineers and multidisciplinary technicians and it is fully able to provide its clients with the advanced technical support they need to successfully complete their projects.
Success for us lies in our clients' success !

Hardware technical support Manufacturer support throughout all phases of development and qualification of your technical solution
Consideration of the interfacing and integration constraints specific to your target environments

Software technical support Development of specific drivers
Assistance in defining and adapting clients' image
Support in implementing our products' function into your environment
Implementation of third-party software packages into specific projects

After-sales services Analysis and resolution of failure in our own workshop
Diagnosis and expert assessment of complex failures

Maintenance in Operational Condition • Support to keep solutions up and running
• Storing obsolete components
• Finding replacement components / modules
• Developing compatible electronic solutions


ico flagACTIA PC Solutions relies on the high standards, deep commitment and ongoing availability of talented women and men to provide lasting support for our clients.

Made in France

ico globeBecause we strive for excellence by mastering our trade and pertinence by remaining flexible, we have chosen local partners who can guarantee the quality and responsiveness you deserve.

Expertise & Services

ico usersAs designers of our own products, we rely on our knowledge of the solutions available and our extensive know-how to meet your needs and guarantee the success of your projects.

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